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Medical Consultations


We offer you an excellent medical consultation and initial assessment of the case and the cost of treatment in Switzerland We take you to the best prestigious medical centers in Geneve and Zuerich.


Fill out the form and give us the full details of the pathological condition, diagnosis, as well as the number of escorts for the patient in the treatment journey, you can do all in moments, and then press the submit button


We will present the pathological condition, X-rays and analyzes that you send to a group of medical specialists in Switzerland, and estimate your initial cost of treatment, as well as travel and accommodation expenses, transportation and other costs.


After reviewing our detailed report; you can contact us to discuss the details and inquire about what you want (further details), then we arrange your travel procedures and treatment. We wish you a speedy recovery.



ArabCare Program is designed to facilitate getting the best health care at a reasonable cost and without any hiding cost.

العلاج في الخارج _ سويسرا _ Medizintouri
Tourist Service
In cooperation with Best of Switzerland Tours, the official partner of Zurich Tourism and the holder of the Q-Quality Seal of Swiss Tourism in Switzerland, with ArabCare Switzerland you will discover the peace and tranquility of Switzerland. see the wonderful places and more against a backdrop of magnificent snow-capped mountains and Alpine Vistas. 

Cars rental with driver is easy and prices started from 450.- Euro per Day, unlimited Kilometers.

العلاج في الخارج _ سويسرا _ Medizintouri
Medizinaltourismus in der Schweiz

ArabCare Switzerland


Bahnhofstrasse 100

CH-8001 Zürich



Tel:  +41 44 562 70 22

Mobile: +41 79 884 24 78

Simultaneus translation


Do not worry about the communication between the Doctors and The Hospitals. You do not need to learn German. We translate them all your requirements and help you also to understand their requirements.

Interpreters of ArabCare Switzerland are experienced with high qualifications. Translators are paid through ArabCare Switzerland for the number of hours spent by the interpreter with; and signed by the patient. Our translators do not organize appointments, and do not provide information or any data about costs.


Delivery time for the translation depends on the size of the document For urgent translation; we deliver it within eight hours Translation cost starts from 60 Swiss francs per page.


Do not worry about communication with doctors and hospitals, you do not need to learn German language, we translate all your requests and help you to understand their applications. We have many years of experience in translation from and to German language. Among our specialties are the translation of: Birth certificates, marriage contracts and divorce certificates School certificates and diplomas Driving licenses, criminal records, newspaper journals andarticles and websites Advertisements, text and business letters, contracts, brochures etc. ..



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